Breathing helps you to relax.

Hillary Clinton recently revealed that she uses a yogic breathing technique to help her deal with stress. Clinton said she practiced alternate nostril breathing, called Nadi Shodhana by yogis, to help her to heal from her devastating election loss.

Clinton made the revelation in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and even demonstrated alternate nostril breathing live on TV, calling the practice “very relaxing” and urged Cooper to try it.

By bringing this kind of breath work into the mainstream, Clinton has introduced the world to a practice that has both proven mental and physical health benefits. There are numerous scientific papers dedicated to the effects of breathing on our nervous system. Yogis use the term pranayama to denote the various breathing techniques that they use.

Nadi Shodhana is the pranayama technique par excellence according to the traditional yogic texts written hundreds or in some cases over a thousand years ago.

These pranayama techniques have been studied and the research clearly and unequivocally demonstrates that just a few minutes of pranayama can have a profound impact on your body and mind, rapidly reducing your stress indicators, lowering your blood pressure and improving your ability to concentrate.

Everybody should be doing a little pranayama every day. From the newest to the most experienced yogi, and everyone else too.

Pranayama techniques are easy to learn, fun to practice and you can feel the benefits almost immediately.

And while Hillary is focusing a lot on her inhales and her exhales I find it slightly ironic that her husband, former American President Bill Clinton, is renowned for smoking cannabis at Oxford University but later claiming that he didn’t inhale. Marijuana is of course, like Nadi Shodhana, known for its relaxing effects.

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