At Taylor Made Yoga we believe in being totally transparent in our fee structure.

Learning yoga is the most cost effective way to learn yoga. We emphasis teaching you yoga, not just offering you a class where you follow instructions and leave without being able to replicate what you learned.

A one hour private class with us costs £75. This class can be share by up to two people.

What you get:

Learning: You will have learned a 30 minute yoga practice.

Confidence: You can practice yoga confidently and safely

Replicability: You can practice as many times as you want

Flexibility: You can practice anywhere you want.


Savings: learn from us just once a month an practice four days a week between our sessions together means that £75 divided by 16 yoga practices equates to £4.70 per home practice.

This price includes a full recording of your session and full written notes.

Compare this with practicing at a yoga studio:

No learning. You will not be able to practice at home what your learned in class



The cost of private instruction at the studio is Walthamstow is £75 per hour or £110 for 90 minutes.

Payment is by cash only. Please have the appropriate fees with you when you arrive. There are no ATM machines close to our studio.

If you wish to reschedule your class please give us forty-eight hours notice or the full appointment fee for the relevant class will be charged at your next appointment. Please text or call if you need to re-schedule as we do not regularly check email.

Fees are reviewed on 1 January every year.

General Information.

Please practice on an empty stomach, leaving 3 hours after a meal and 2 hours after a snack. You can drink water up to 30 minutes before class.

Wear clean, supportive sportswear.

Bring a small towel.

We supply mats and everything else you need. You can bring your own mat if you prefer.

We have full liability insurance. However, please remember that you practice yoga at your own risk. Tell us at the beginning of your session about any health issues which might affect your practice.

We do not teach yoga to pregnant women. We can recommend specialist pregnancy yoga teachers. 

Give the joy of yoga. Gift vouchers are available for sessions.

Venue and travel

Taylor Made Yoga, 43 Cassiobury Road, London E17 7JD.

TUBE: Blackhorse Road (Victoria Line)

OVERLAND: St James Street or Blackhorse Road.

BUS: 158, 230 and W12

CAR: Free on-street parking available. Please ask for a free resident permit at the beginning of your class.

Please give yourself sufficient travelling time and arrive promptly for your appointment. If you arrive early you are welcome to wait in my studio until your session starts.


Please text me to confirm that you have read and understand the terms and conditions.