Mentoring for yoga teachers

Charlie Taylor-Rugman Mentoring for yoga teachers Urdhva Kukkutasana pose

Our mentorship for yoga teachers programme is the tool you need if you want to take your teaching and personal practice to the next level. Whether you want to enhance your own practice, develop new teaching sequences, learn how to teach successful group classes, run private yoga classes or want help getting started running your business, your social media campaigns and your web presence we can help you succeed.

We offer mentorship programmes for yogis wherever you are on your yoga journey, as a trainee teacher, as a newly qualified teacher or as an experienced professional I can help you to achieve your goals. Working with me you will benefit from the experience I have gained over the past 25 years of daily yoga practice and teaching.

A recent report suggests that only 15% of people who complete a yoga teacher-training course actually teach yoga full time and that on average most people quit teaching within three years because they can’t make a decent living and maintain an acceptable work life blend.

I’ve been teaching yoga full time for 20 years and have run successful yoga studios around the world. Yoga isn’t just my career; it’s my life. Being a successful teacher requires hard work, dedication and continuous learning by working with the best teachers. Are you ready to start practicing what you preach?

You can benefit from our Yoga teacher mentoring programme.

Mentoring is suitable for yoga teachers of all levels and all styles; whether you are just starting out or if you have been teaching for many years. You can be from any tradition, teaching style, or training.

What you will gain:

  • Uncover your own authentic teaching voice

  • Develop advanced teaching techniques

  • Receive the support of a senior yoga teacher

  • Build the confidence to command a room and create a safe environment

  • Learn tools to teach with integrity

  • Access my knowledge gained over 25 years’ daily yoga practice, and more than 20 years of full time teaching experience.

  • Learn how to create effective sequences, and how to modify them

  • Learn pranayama and meditation techniques and the tools to share them in a class

  • Work on feedback you have received on your teaching, and address key areas of improvement

  • Understand the yoga business and how to develop your own

How we will work together:

An individual mentoring programme typically lasts for six 45 minute Skype sessions. During the course of a typical six-session mentoring programme I will help you to:

  • Be accountable for your progress

  • Set clear and precise goals that are both achievable and measurable

  • Challenge your personal boundaries

  • Expand your knowledge of yoga in its many forms

  • Seek out the knowledge and skills you need to grow

What is expected of participants:

  • Honesty and the desire to make yoga an integral part of your life

  • Set clear personal and business goals with my support

  • Maintain a daily home yoga practice and attend classes regularly

  • Prepare for each mentoring session to make the most of our time together


Want to find out how mentoring can help you become the teacher you want to be?
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